About aprg



We are Anthracite Paranormal Research Group (APRG). Founded by Mike Evans in 1988. We conduct paranormal investigations from a scientific aspect.  APRG conducts professional investigations in well-known haunted locations as well as  residential homes and businesses. We are focused on finding undeniable evidence of the paranormal by using scientific theories and high tech equipment.

We do our best to stay skeptical on investigations and only accept evidence as being something paranormal after we have reviewed what we found thoroughly and ruled out all possibilities of any activity being a normal occurrence or something explainable.

 APRG is not into paranormal investigating to entertain people to put on a “good show.” Nor are we in it for any type of profit. We believe in what we do and wish to help others find answers, just as we hope to find some answers ourselves. Our goal is to seek the truth, not to jump to conclusions

If you feel you have a haunting or want answers to questionable events going on, feel free to contact us. We do investigations for you FOR FREE.


You can email Mike, our lead investigator here.


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