This is some of the gear we use.

If you've seen any of the Paranormal Investigating shows online, you've seen most of this equipment in action. 

We are the only team in our area to use this equipment.

Scroll down and check it out!






What you see here:

- Multi Camera DVR system

- Zero Lux Infrared Cameras
- Full Spectrum Cameras
What you see here:
2 Static or hand held Zero Lux Infrared Camcorders
-  2 Full Spectrum hand held Cameras.
-  IR and Full Spectrum Flood Lights




 What you see here:


2 Flir Thermal Cameras

-  Mini DV- Recorders to record in real time









What you see here:


2 Mel Meters

-  1 Analog EMF Detector

-  1 Digital EMF Detector

-  2 KII Detectors

-  Laser IR Thermometer







 What you see here:

- a few types of Digital Voice Recorders we use.

-  High and Low end.